Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cargo Pants at the Gym?

Every morning at 4:40am I wake up to California Gurls by Katy Perry and hit the road to go to LA Fitness in Dunwoody. All the early birds know each other, each person has their own workout equipment and its off to work out! Usually I stroll in, no makeup, eye boogers, over size t-shirts and pony tail to the side.....very attractive I know :) I've gotten hit on multiple times...really people its 5AM and I'm sweating like a pig....no thanks!

Back to my story.......the gym scene is very different in the morning verses the afternoon crowd. In the morning no one cares what they look like, but in the afternoon WHOAH watch out...if you don't have your hair perfectly done or zero trace of makeup you can get the heck out! I just don't understand...you go to WORK OUT not to go on a date or get noticed by America's Next Top Model. Guys..........I just don't understand...cargo shorts really......it's not Vietnam NOR Old Navy commercial. So all I want to know is....why cargo?


  1. lol i cant imagine getting up at 5am to work out. you go girl!

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