Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cargo Pants at the Gym?

Every morning at 4:40am I wake up to California Gurls by Katy Perry and hit the road to go to LA Fitness in Dunwoody. All the early birds know each other, each person has their own workout equipment and its off to work out! Usually I stroll in, no makeup, eye boogers, over size t-shirts and pony tail to the side.....very attractive I know :) I've gotten hit on multiple times...really people its 5AM and I'm sweating like a pig....no thanks!

Back to my story.......the gym scene is very different in the morning verses the afternoon crowd. In the morning no one cares what they look like, but in the afternoon WHOAH watch out...if you don't have your hair perfectly done or zero trace of makeup you can get the heck out! I just don't understand...you go to WORK OUT not to go on a date or get noticed by America's Next Top Model. Guys..........I just don't understand...cargo shorts really......it's not Vietnam NOR Old Navy commercial. So all I want to know is....why cargo?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Debbie Downer?

I thought I would share this email with you......yes some lady thought my name was really Debbie!

Hi Allie:

Thank you for consider _______ to host your birthday party. I am sorry to inform you that we do not offer any packages for our adult parties. The age limit for the children birthday party package is 13 years old. The prices for an adult party would be the same as our regular prices which are posted on the web site. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

-*Marcy (change name)

Hey *March,

Debbie Downer! I thought I saw 13 years and older! It was worth a shot! Could I still rent that room?


The party room rents for $75 per hour.



Dang..wish I was 13 again! Well what could you offer? I need something fun but kinda not expensive..we really wanna come bowl!



I am sorry that I can not discount the rental of our party room. Please keep in mind that every lane has a table assign to it that seats six. We do allow you to bring in a birthday cake and if you want to order any other food you can check out our menu on line for prices and a list of things we offer.



True true! Ok well thanks anyways! And you know my name really isn't Debbie..I was just saying debbie downer, like ah man! Ha ha! If we wanted to reserve lanes how much and who do I need to contact?


Good one Allie, I guess I just showed my age or my nerd ness!!!!!!! The reservation rate is different depending on the day of the week and the time of day


Seriously! She really, honestly thought my name was Debbie! 1) Why would I EVER talk in third person in an email, 2) my email address CLEARLY states my name 3) If my name was really Debbie Downer...I would of hurt my parents that gave me the name or changed it!

I laughed it off and can't wait to meet this chick on the night of my bowling party!

Drum Roll Please......

Well ladies and gentleman.....I got a brand, new car! I'm proud to introduce my new baby! 2010 Jetta Limited Edition!

This is what I was driving before.....

And this is what I bought yesterday night!!!!!!

VW has this GREAT New Grad Program for people, like myself, that don't have any credit, just graduated and started a job! The process couldn't be more easy, I just sent in a copy of my diploma, 3 references, my companies account contact information, pay stub and needed to of graduated in the past 24 months.

Basically I'm obsessed! I had a Volkswagon Jetta in high school and now I bought one as my first car. These are amazing cars and I worked with amazing people, Phillip, Billy, Gerald and Rodney to get that little red thang home! If you are just starting out, just graduated or have zero credit and need a car...I highly recommend Jim Ellis Volkswagen Atlanta.

Here is a little more about my amazing package I bought....I leased it for 3 years, I traded in that big read thing up top. My monthly payment is around 240-250 a month. The only thing I need to pay on the car is the car payment, insurance and gas! Since I leased it, all maintenance and check ups are paid for by VW! Along with that, VW Credit pays for my first month lease! Can't get much better than that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Facebook Whore?

My boyfriend CONSTANTLY makes fun of how much I Facebook, Tweet, etc. Even my friends say I've become obsessed! In my defense it is a major part of my job/major/career choice so I have to stay up to date with things. I'm on foursquare, LinkedIn, Brightkite, Facebook and Twitter. I don't think it's to much! I find all my news from Twitter instead of the TV and I learn breakups, makeups and my stalking habits on Facebook.

So what does that make me? Times have changed where it's cool to Tweet and upload pictures on a daily basis to facebook. It's how we stay connected to friends, family and people we haven't even met. If facebook didn't exist....how would I know you, or keep up with my friends....my cell phone bill would be CRAZY, but in all seriousness......would I even know you?

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Burfday!

Well ladies and gentleman my birthday is coming up! I will be turning 23 as my sweet boyfriend will be turning 24...yes, yes I know..we have the same birthdays :) But what should we do? Me and my friends are tired of the whole Buckhead scene so we want to do something different yet fun, and involves drinking of course. Mind you I'm still living with my amazing roommates, Ken and Nancy (aka my parents) so house party is a no-go. I miss the days where your mom decides if you are having a pool party or Barbie theme party...now it's which bar and how much money do you want to spend. I miss the days where everyone got goodie bags, now it's how did you get home and why does my mouth taste like throw up (sorry that was a little gross). So what if I had a Barbie theme party..would you come?


So its set......my boyfriend and I are having a bowling party!!!! I'm pumped! It's something different then going to East Andrews and seeing the same frat-tastic people I saw ohhhh in college! I mean it does have a fully stocked bar....BONUS!

Pictures coming soon!

No Credit is Good Credit...right?

So since I have my awesome big girl job, its time to say "PEACE OUT" to my big red Volvo. A little background story on my Volvo.....my parents surprised me with a GORGEOUS green jetta, sun roof and everything in high school. About a couple months later I'm driving to school, uniform and all and some lady.....hits me head on! I was crushed..literally crushed! So here comes senior year...and I'm carless until the worse day of my life happened! My parents roll up our drive way with this shiny, big red volvo! I didn't know if I should cry, hide and try to kill the car the first time I drive it. Years later, yep I'm still driving the big, red shiny volvo. Mind you the AC is not working, so take Atlanta summer heat + hot air blowing in my car. It has died, over heated and for some reason it keeps coming back to life. Anyways, back to my story....my big girl job is great! Great people, great job, great $, so I'm set to buy a new car right? So I thought. I don't know if I should praise my parents or be mad at them, I was never given a credit card in college, I just didn't feel like spending money I didn't have, and none of the bills were in my name, I mean my parents paid them anyways so I just let them take care of it. Well to buy a car I need a loan, to get a loan you need credit, to have credit you need a credit card. Well........I have NONE of that! Awesome...so while I'm looking at pretty cars I can afford I am driving away in my big, red shiny Volvo. I thought no credit was good credit....guess not :(